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    Renson Louvered Roofs

Renson Louvered Roofs

The Perfect Balance
Of Shade And Shelter

Make the most of your outdoor living space with a louvred roof system from Rock Outdor Living. From a rooftop terrace to a landscaping project in your garden, a louvered roof solution offers the perfect balance of shade from the sun with shelter from inclement weather. Each design is made to measure and fully customisable, you can cover large patio or terrace areas, outdoor dining spaces or swimming pools and hot tubs, and choose from a wide range of frame colours and options.

The high quality aluminium louvers rotate to help shelter family and friends from inclement weather, and give you the opportunity to enjoy what the sun has to offer. Side elements can be seamlessly integrated in to each structure such as elegant glass sliding panels for stunning views, or vertical awnings for added privacy. To complete the look you can add LED lighting, heaters and also speakers, to make the absolute most of your outdoor space.

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Your Perfect Renson Louvered Roof

Start creating your perfect outdoor space with a louvred roof system by Renson. With each design made to measure and fully bespoke it can be tailored to you. This is luxury at its finest, everything has been thought of for seamless integration, from glass or screens in the side to lighting, heating, and music, the possibilities are endless.

The highest quality in an ultra-minimalist design allows you to enjoy the perfect temperature, from summer to winter, morning noon and night.

With a Renson louvered roof, you can enjoy uninterrupted outdoor gatherings without concern for summer showers, thanks to its adjustable design that provides both sunshine and shelter as needed.

Our Collections


View the refined design and unique optional extras available with the Renson Camargue
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Renson Camargue Louvered Roofed Pergola e19c10a5

For those with an eye for detail, the Renson Camargue presents a stunning and refined finish that seamlessly integrates all available options and side elements.

After inclement weather, the roof gracefully reopens with a gentle touch, while a controlled drainage system ensures swift and seamless water runoff. Unique to Renson is the patented design of the louvres, which prevents any unexpected showers upon their reopening after a period of rain.

Intrigued about the investment? Delve deeper and get in touch to discover into our pergola options and unlock the gateway to a luxurious outdoor experience.

Options & Side Elements

View some of the innovative options and extras available with Renson louvered roofs.

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Glass Walls
Use glass sliding walls to provide uninterrupted views and keep heat inside your pergola.
Fixed Screen 1024x317 1 883f88d6
Fix Screen
Fix screens are fitted within the aluminium profiles for added privacy and wind protection.
UpDown LED 1024x317 1 daae4c9b
Updown LED
These LED lights are fitted to the roof of the frame with upward, indirect lighting and downward available.
Loggia Doors 1024x317 1 a85394b6
Loggia Sliding Doors

Personalise your louvered roof system with stylish loggia sliding panels which are fixed within the aluminium frame.

Linius Walls 1024x317 1 aabf247c
Linius or Linarate Walls

Enclose your pergola with the linius or linarate walls which can be installed on one or more sides for a stylish look and added privacy.

Boom Heat Sound 1 1024x318 1 f7fff432
Heat & Sound Beam

The heat & sound beam enables you to enjoy your favourite music and create the perfect atmosphere with a functional heater.

Our Collections


View the refined design and unique optional extras available with the Renson Algarve and Algarve canvas

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Renson Algarve Louvered Pergola 32 1 7fe6884c
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The Renson Algarve louvered pergola is extremely versatile. It can be installed as a lean-to or freestanding structure, and you can even join multiple pergolas together. Contemporary, traditional or modern home? Thanks to the extensive colour combinations we offer and our unique Classic Line with decorative frames and ornaments, Renson Algarve always matches the style of your home and garden. The louvres in the Renson Algarve roof can be rotated through 150°. That way, the amount of shade and ventilation can always be set to your exact requirements at the time. When closed, the louvres are water-repellent, and after a shower, the water is drained in a controlled manner via the integrated water drainage system. In addition to the Algarve model, there is also a model with a fixed roof: the Algarve Canvas.

Renson Camargue

Take a look at our inspiration video and see what options are possible andwhat we can do for you with the Renson Camargue..

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